Mobile is growing faster than all other digital advertising formats , as advertisers begin allocating dollars to reach of”mobile-first” users.we offer sms services, mobile sms marketing, mobile marketing services are provided by Sqbe Infotech.

Mobile Marketing Company in Mumbai

Mobile advertising is achieved by push messaging service & pull push messaging service. Apart from this,it also provides software development,web designing services ,SEO,multimedia services.

Businesses are always looking for high-impact, cost-effective methods of increasing revenue and creating awareness. Expert marketer’s say, the best way of increasing sales is to gain additional business from your existing customers and clients – who know your product or service and hopefully have already, had a positive experience with your company, and it’s much less expensive to market to existing customers than to large demographic groups in an effort to gain new customers.Historically, there has been a big gap between the amount of time people actually spend on their smartphones and tablets (significant and growing), and the amount of ad money spent on the medium (still tiny). However with success shown by Facebook, the leader in using mobile advertising and different mobile ad types, it represents a fantastic opportunity for brands to leverage the medium.